About Calvin Lai (fkclai)

I am working in the IT industry for over 22 years. For the first 10-years worked on web applications and middle-tier development, in recent years, I focus on application security and management work.

This blog is a publicly accessible personal note to keep all of my security on HTB & VulnHub, CVE Exploit PoC, Exploitation Guide & cheatsheets, penetration testing experience, and study materials related to Information Security.

Most of the techniques recorded here are coming from the Internet by other security researchers. I just reference it and try to consolidate, rethink and reuse it. This is my way of learning, doing, reading, following, and reviewing. Finally, take notes for future study.

My Contribution

This blog contains the following topics:

  • Exploit/CVE PoC

  • Hacking Report (HTB)

  • Penetration Testing Work List

  • Red Team (Windows)

  • Exploitation Guide

  • VulnHub Writeup

  • CTF Writeup & Tips

  • Useful Command & Tools

  • Offensive Security Lab & Exam Tips

Do not expect the note completed without error.

Do check the Internet and try it yourself.

Do remember there are many ways to do the same things.

Be creative in your work.

Some people live in dream world; some people live in reality; some make one into the other.

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