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Initial low privilege access

  • CVE Exploitation ****
  • RFI, e.g. php-reverse-shell.php
  • Directory traversal password file found
  • FTP access point to upload asp-reverse-shell.asp
  • Macro Exploitation
  • WordPress Admin upload reverse shell at 404 page
  • hydra login password
  • SMTP/POP read an email to obtain a user credential
  • Default user account password (admin/admin, root/root)
**** most of the case for getting the initial low privilege access.

Common Privilege Escalation

Exploitation Type (suggested solution)
  • SMB Exploit (
  • OS Kernal Exploit (Dirty Cow)
  • Application Vulnerability (reverse tcp shell upload)
  • Seimpersonate group (Juicy Potato)
  • SMB Configuration
    • file upload (reverse TCP shell)
    • password (using default password)
  • ByPass UAC (minitakz)
  • Same password hash using HtB (minitakz)
  • Sudo escape (sudo -l)
  • SUID file permission
  • Docker escape (Docker PE /usr/bin/docker run –it –v /root:/fkclai ubuntu

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